Your home is your castle and you should feel safe & secure within its walls and grounds. Sadly, there is an ever-growing interest in residential properties from those looking to invade your privacy either while you’re away from home or, as is increasingly becoming the case, while you’re there.

Stag Security Services Havant Residential Private Security ServicesStag Security Services Ltd can provide peace of mind with a wide range of services that can all be put together to form a bespoke security package designed to keep you, your family and your property as safe as possible.

We currently provide residential security for a wide range of private clients, both individuals and families in urban and built-up areas, to rural locations. We also have contacts with high net worth properties from people both in and out of the public eye.

Remember, you can claim your FREE threat assessment by contacting us here or by calling 023 9359 3113 or 07966 705 175.

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