Fly-tipping is rapidly becoming one of the most prolific rural crimes. It leaves a nasty blot on our beautiful landscape and a huge clean-up bill in its wake.

Stag Security Services Ltd work with local landowners and organisations putting measures in place to prevent terrible acts of fly-tipping which are not only antisocial but hugely illegal too.

Our services are incredibly cost effective. By spending a comparitively small amount on prevention, our clients save a huge amount on clean-up and disposal costs.

Contact Stag Security Services Ltd today by clicking here to find out more about how we can help you eliminate the risk of suffering fly tipping on your land. We have a proven track record in helping landowners and organisations eradicate the risk of suffering a fly-tipping incident.

Fly tipping – This is preventable

We use a wide variety of specialist techniques and methodologies to gather information about new and known fly-tippers. We also gather intelligence on the hotspots they use and when they’re most likely to commit the act of fly-tipping etc. We do this at the same time as developing & maintaining a positive reputation for your land so as to ward off potential fly-tippers in the future.

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