We can provide high-quality remote CCTV monitoring services through 24/7/365 manned control rooms, this allows us to deliver a reliable effective security monitoring service which can have significant benefits and savings for our clients.

Why chose a remote CCTV option?

  • Reassurance that you will immediately be notified by qualified staff if an alarm is triggered. If you cannot be contacted, the control room will contact the other people on your key-holder list.
  • Huge cost savings this can be extensive versus contracting numerous full-time security guards.
  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring around the clock, real-time monitoring of your system protecting valuables, stock, assets and staff.
  • Deters crime: UK police statistics have shown that premises with both an alarm system and monitored system show a significantly lower risk of burglary and criminal damage.
  • An approved and certificated system can help to greatly reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Remote monitoring is a proactive security measure not reactionary meaning it can prevent crime.
  • 100% more effective than an Intruder alarm only.
  • Visual verification of events and alarm activations with a digital record and evidence.
  • CCTV allows an immediate reaction to any out of hours threat helping us prevent damage or loss.
  • The cost savings and benefits of deploying remote monitored CCTV over physical security guards are significant.


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